Media Relations & Social Media

The media landscape is revolving, but the media mindset has not. It is a vital communication tool to inform your clients and customers through positive media relations. Media Footprint specializes in helping clients promote their products and services through publicity.

We will help you build meaningful relationships with key media outlets to enhance the publicity of your organization. This technique is unlike creating your own message with paid advertisement because our tools and expertise will help you develop a strategic mass media connection.

Using our extensive experience, we will help you to extend your reach to potential customers by evaluating your current base and effectively develop meaningful goals that can be readily reached.

Marketing and communicating your personal brand is extremely important. Media Footprint will help you take your traditional press releases and other conventional methods to the next level by integrating social media with multiple platforms to enhance your brand. We will help you to optimize your keywords to drive web traffic to your traditional press releases.

Whether it is your web site, e-newsletters or building a company Twitter or Facebook account, our team will use key factors to make your communications search engine friendly. After all, social media is a two-way street and giving your customers a voice will help enhance your brand.