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Our comprehensive services reach both the national and international marketplace


Establishing your company’s brand is key in today’s marketplace. Communicating your personal brand through your daily emails, text messages, social media posts or producing annual reports, external newsletters and press releases are all important elements to establishing direct contact with your customers.

We will help you to integrate your marketing plan with effective communication techniques so that your price, place, promotion and products are properly balanced to attract customers.

Our market research uses several different methodologies to advise and implement best practices to help businesses improve their performance in strategy, organizational, technology and operations.

Let us help you to maximize and be consistent with your messages.

Media Relations

The media landscape is revolving, but the media mindset has not. It is a vital communication tool to inform your clients and customers through positive media relations. Media Footprint specializes in helping clients promote their products and services through publicity.

We will help you build meaningful relationships with key media outlets to enhance the publicity of your organization. This technique is unlike creating your own message with paid advertisement because our tools and expertise will help you develop a strategic mass media connection.

Using our extensive experience, we will help you to extend your reach to potential customers by evaluating your current base and effectively develop meaningful goals that can be readily reached.


We specialize in business web site solutions with original style, dynamic multimedia and simple content management systems. We deliver top multimedia integration into your web design solutions.

Media Footprint works with a team of seasoned professionals that will produce and edit quality video for presentations and web sites. We will ensure that your messages, storytelling and brand stay consistent to formulate and polish your multimedia needs.

We will provide the proper mixture of video, photos and solid content to enhance and generate more interest to your company via the global web accessible to anyone 24 hours a day.

Social Media

Marketing and communicating your personal brand is extremely important. Media Footprint will help you take your traditional press releases and other conventional methods to the next level by integrating social media with multiple platforms to enhance your brand. We will help you to optimize your keywords to drive web traffic to your traditional press releases.

Whether it is your website, e-newsletters or building a company Twitter or Facebook account, our team will use key factors to make your communications search engine friendly. After all, social media is a two-way street and giving your customers a voice will help enhance your brand.

Website Design & Development

In the business world today, websites need to have several key components to be effective. Our team will work with you on the discover process to ensure we are meeting the needs of your web site. Whether it is a website design, redesign or rescue, Media Footprint will customize your site; use simple navigation for your clients and simple content management system for updates.

We have a vast portfolio and experience in designing the best custom web solutions. Our designers and developers are committed to create cutting-edge development and program all applications to custom fit the clients needs.

Let us create, connect and communicate your web site with a quality custom design, SEO-specific content and SEM. We will help you forward-think your marketing business that will have a return on your Internet solutions investment.


We will effectively improve your business brand, increase corporate identity and design a logo that will leave an impressive footprint your customers will remember.

We can assure you that your desire to increase customers will be greatly enhanced with our custom-tailored and cost effective strategies.

Create, Connect & Communicate

Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Businesses & Non-Profits

Create, Connect & Communicate

If you are an entrepreneur and your business is a start-up, Media Footprint Group can help you. We understand the elements of start-ups and the challenges of high expectations with limited funds.

We can help identify your brand, create a timeless logo, marketing collaterals such as business cards, company brochures, letterhead and event banners. We can create a dynamic look and feel website that will brand all these elements to connect-the-dots.

As an integrated website communications firm with PR and marketing at its core, Media Footprint Group delivers to your needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients with PR strategies that is branded and will link to your customers, communities and the other key constituencies.

We have a successful track record with both for-profit companies and not-for-profit or non-profit organizations. We understand the value of a mission and vision statement. We incorporate these into our marketing strategies to reach your target audiences.

We work with brands of all sizes domestically and internationally. We will continue to tailor a solution to meet your needs and work within your budget.

Media Footprint Group is an independent company. We are different because we combine the resources of a large agency with the advantages of a sophisticated and boutique consultancy with our client always as centerpoint.

Every project big or small that we work with must have an objective and a goal. In a world of competing noise, we build the project that is impactful and will amplify over time.

One of the advantages of working with Media Footprint Group is our deep commitment to you. We will always support your communication efforts by advising and implementing a wide range of strategic traditional, digital and social.

In the global competitive marketplace, we understand that results are not achieved with a simple campaign, but a variety of strategies and tactics. We help our clients navigate through the wide range of communication techniques to achieve these business goals.

Create it, Connect the dots and Communicate it.


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