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Branding 101: How to Write a Press Release

A press release is a news-story, written in third person objective point of view that adds newsworthy value for the media to report it out. It is a great communication vehicle to spread the word about an event, news or announcements.

For best results, create a template that has the relevant factual information on the top and bottom. The middle is saved for the actual press release topic.

At the top:
The company logo
The press release needs an identity where it coming from. The company logo is essential to have front and center of the press release.
Media Contact
The media contact, phone number and email address is usually the person that is writing the press release.
Date and Location
The date of the press release must be included along with the city and state (Example: Bellevue, WA).
This is significant because it informs the reader that the news is ready to be communicated. It is always written in upper case.

The heart of the press release:

Press Release Headline
The headline or title should be optimized to grab the reader’s attention. The headline should include upper and lower case. Sometimes a subhead can be written just below the headline. The headline format should be centered.
The Lead
The lead is the hook of the article. It is an introduction that can briefly summarize the entire press release. It should explain who, what, where, how and when. This paragraph must be clear and concise.
The Quote
It is good practice to have a relevant quote that holds substance to the press release. The quote can be a stand-alone paragraph and is always the second or third paragraph in the press release.
The Rest of the Press Release
This is the perfect place to explain in detail about the press release. For example, if your organization is having an event, explain the importance of it. Does someone benefit from the event? Will the proceeds be donated?

At the bottom:
“-30-“ or “###”
The -30- or ### at the end of the press release simply means that the topic of the press release is completed.
The Boilerplate
The boilerplate or the very last paragraph is usually three to four sentences about your organization.

Some key points to remember:
Limit the press release to one or two pages
State only the facts and always double-check them
Submit an image or logo
Write in a professional manner
If you add links, be sure to select keywords for best search engine optimization

Writing an effective press release is quite simple once you master the technique.